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Model GY Series

GY series.
Magnetostrictive Displaiacement Transducer
GY series.

Model GY Series are "Displacement Transducers" employing magnetostrictive phenomena, especially the Wiedemann effect. An ultra-sonic wave is generated by a moving magnet operating near a magnetostrictive wave guide on which the sonic wave propagates up to the head of the transducer.
The propagation time is precisely measured by state of the art technology and then the absolute displacement transducer is operational.

GY peinciple-60%.jpg

[ Principle ]

The figure shows the fundamental principle of operation.
When a current pulse like A is given to the wave guide, it generates a circumferential magnetic field on the wave guide, then placement of the movable magnet (polarized axially) as shown, only the axial magnetic field of the magnet affecting the wave guide produces a resultant field as indicated by the dotted line.
The vector combination of these two fields produces torsional strain, a phenomenon known as the Wiedemann Effect.
It is a form of vibration and propagates along the wave guide in the form of a transverse ultra-sonic wave.
The GY series displacement transducers detect the propagation time of the ultra-sonic wave.

ー Product Lineup ー

[ Rod Shape ]

<All-in one Series>
 Controller integrated type

 GYMRA: Flat head type, Analog output, detachable sensor elements
 GYMRS: SSI output type, Outputs 24 to 27 bits of position data with
     a minimum resolution of 1μm.
 GYMA: Compact head, same shape as GYMS, current output only

 GYSE-A: High-precision analog output,
     2-channel output (distance between 2 points, each of 2 points),
     Speed output also available
 GYSE-Q: A/B phase pulse output type, resolution: 1μm
 GYSE-S: SSI output type, resolution: 1μm
 GYSE-P: ProfibusDP output type, resolution: 1μm,
     maximum 32 magnets detectable
 GYSE-EP2: EtherNet/IP output type, resolution: 1μm,
     maximum 20 magnets detectable
 GYcAT: Standard analog output type with alarm output
 GYcAT4: Successor to GYLS/GYLT, 1ch output, no alarm output
 GYAF1: Flat head (flange shape) analog output type

 GYPD: Conpact sensor for built-in cylinder
Analog / PWM / CANopen output

 GYPS: Conpact sensor for built-in cylinder, long stroke (2400mm)
      Analog / PWM / CANopen output

<Compact probe series with external controller>
 Used in combination with the following controllers.

 GYMS: Standard type, compact head
 GYGS: Thin type head
 GYPM: Compact head, short dead zone at the base
 GYPE2K: Rod diameter Φ4, short stroke
 GYPMR: Sensor head is compactly designed
     and can be built into a hydraulic cylinder.

<High performance probe series with external controller>
 Used in combination with rhe following controllers

 GYMR6: High accuracy, thin head type, sensor element removable
 GYSE-R: High accuracy type, sensor element removable,
     auto calibration function
 GYcRS: Standard type, submersible option available
 GYcRP: Various options available
    (high temperature rod, shock resistant, submersible, etc.)
 GYMR5: High paformance thin head type.
 GYFRS: Flang-head roust type, SRT option is standard.
 GYHTR: High temperature type ( ambient temperature of 120°C)
 GYHR: High-temperature type ( ambient temperature of 100°C)

[ Linear profile shape ]
<All-in-one type>
 Controller integrated type

 GYMRA-PF: Thin head, analog output type
 GYSE-A-PF: High-precision analog output type, 2-channel output,
       speed output also available
 GYSE-Q-PF: A/B phase pulse output type
 GYSE-S-PF: SSI output type
 GYSE-P-PF: ProfibusDP output type
 GYSE-EP2-PF: EtherNet/IP output type
 GYKS2: Analog output type

<High performance probe series with external controller>
 GYMR6-PF: THigh accuracy, flat head type. Detachable probe element.
       With the auto calibration function type
 GYSE-R-PF: High accuracy, Detachable probe element.
       With the auto calibration functione

 GYKM-RS: Equipped with the sensor of GYcRS probe
 GYKMR: Same performance as GYKM-RS
      and same compact shape as GYKS2

[ Pressure-resistant (70MPa) rod ]
 Realized 70MPa pressure resistance by devising the pipe thickness
 and mounting surface of SUS rod.

 GYRHP-MRA: All-in-one type, Analog output
 GYRHP-MR6: High performance probe with external controller type

[ Flexible Rod ]
 Rod section can be bent because it is not a normal rod type (SUS).
 GYSE-A-FX6: Flexible rod

[ Explosion-proof type ]
<Controller integrated type>
 EX-GYdT-A: Explosion-proof construction with small head, ExdⅡCT6,
      analog output type, direct cable type
 EX-GYdS-A: Explosion-proof construction, ExdⅡCT6, analog output type,
      cable connected to sensor head terminal block

<Controller separately mounted type>
 IGY4: Intrinsically safety explosion-proof construction,
    selectable from ExiaⅡCT4 and ExiaⅡAT4.
 IGY3: Intrinsically safety explosion-proof construction, ExibⅡCT4,
    high temperature rod 100°C is available as an option.
 EX-GYdT-R: Compact head explosion-proof construction, ExdⅡCT6,
    controller separately mounted type, direct cable type
 EX-GYdS-R: Explosion-proof construction, ExdⅡCT6, separate controller,
    cable connected to sensor head terminal block

[ Controller ]
 GYHC: High precision/high function analog output controller.
  2ch output, velocity output, 1ch output of distance between 2 points,
  2ch output of position data of each of 2 points, high speed sampling,
  High-speed sampling, auto-calibration
 GYFC2/3: Analog output controller
 GYDC-S1: Digital output controller (standard)
  Parallel output (binary/gray), auto-calibration, no optional functions
 GYDC-05: High-performance digital output controller
  Parallel output (binary/gray), High-speed sampling, auto-calibration,
  Output equivalent to GYHC analog controller at the same time,
  SSI output and A/B phase pulse output can be added as an option. 

 IRDS-GY: Combined with IRDM (master),
  GY sensor outputs can be converted to
CC-Link, CC-Link/IE field,
  EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS.

  Conversion unit for GY sensor that can be built-in to MELSEC-Q.

  (MELSEC-Q: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's sequencer.)
 DC-R-G:( under making )
  Conversion unit for GY sensor that can be built-in to MELSEC iQ-R.
  (MELSEC iQ-R: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's sequencer.)

[ Terminal block type (liquid level gauge) ]

 GYTB-SA: Terminal block wiring type ( Catalog is under preparation. )

[ Accessories ]

 Click: Magnet, Float, Cable

< Catalog >
GY General Catalog: GY22-017E

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