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Explosion-proof Type

IGY4 Series.
Intrinsic safety structure
IGY4 Series.

◆Explosion-proof symbol : Ex iaⅡ CT4, AT4
◆Possible to use it in Class 0 hazardous area.
◆Class A grounding (first class grounding) isn't necessary.

It's the displacement sensor of intrinsic safety type which can be used
at zone 0 (Class 0 hazardous area) and is also possible to use for
high accuracy level sensor.
Similar to the IGY3 series, Class A grounding (Class 1 grounding) is not required.
A minimum resolution of 1 μm is achieved in combination with a digital output controller.

This is the new product of fourth generation.
The Class A grounding (first-class grounding) is unnecessary like the
4th generation.
You can select "ExiaⅡAT4" which can be used for long stroke (max.3m)
in addition to the explosion protection symbol "ExiaⅡCT4".

 High-precision / high-performance analog output,
 16-bit resolution, 2ch output, speed output,
 Distance between two points, Output for each of two points,
 High-speed sampling
 High-precision / high-performance digital output, Parallel output,
 A / B phase pulse output addition, SSI output addition,
 High-speed sampling
 By combining with the IRD master module, CC-Link,
 CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, Connect with EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT

( Created on Nov.22.2021 )


Non-linearity≦±0.025%FS Typ.
Resolution(Analogue) 16bit (1/65536)
(Digital) Min. 0.1mm
Temp. driftprobe :≦±20ppmFS /°C
separator :≦±20ppmFS /°C
Power supplyseparator :AC90〜110V 50/60Hz
Max. Pressureprobe rod :35MPa
Operating temp.probe :-20°C〜+60°C
separator :-20°C〜+50°C
Storage temp.-40°C〜+80°C(probe)
Vibration6G(40Hz 2mmPP)(probe)
Waterproofprobe head :waterproof structure(*)
CableStd. 1.5m (possible to extend 200m using the dedicated cable)

 ・The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective stroke of 300mm or more.
  (*)It can be endured by using for 30 minutes in max. 1m of water depth.
   (It can't be used for the application of submerged continuously.)

 ◆ Associated controller
  ・analogue output : GYHC (page 52, 53)
  ・digital output : GYDC-05 (page 58, 59)
  ・IRDS-GY (page 61) : When using the IRDM, you can connect with
     CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.

Model No.

① Target dense fog and steamy classification
  2C : Suitable for all gases group including hydrogen
  2A : Suitable for gases group such as gasoline

② Thread
  M : M24xP1.0 (Std.)
  N : M18xP1.5
  U : 3/4-16UNF-3A
  G : G3/4
  R : R3/4

③ Rod diameter
  1 : Φ10 (Std.)
  3 : Φ13.8
  8 : Φ8

④ Effective stroke
  in case of 2C : 50〜2000mm
  in case of 2A : 50〜3000mm
  (Max. length depends on a using magnet or float.)

* When you need a magnet or float, please order separately.

[ Features ]

① Ex・・・Intrinsic safety structure based upon international standards

② Class A grounding (first class grounding) isn't necessary adopting a power transformer
  and photo coupler isolation system.

③ The probe can be used at Class 0 hazardous zone.

④ Possible to use max. stroke 2000mm(*1)

⑤ The cable between probe and separator can be extended max. 200m by using the dedicated cable.
  (*1)Possible to use max. stroke 3000mm using ExiaⅡAT4

[ Construction ]

● IGY4 series consist of a probe, a separator, a controller, a magnet (or a float), cable between
probe and separator, and 1m cable between separator and controller.
(*Plastic magnet or float can't be used by law.)

● Probe has 1.5m cable with it.In case of extending cable, it is possible to extend max.
  200m by using the dedicated cable (2 core with shield).
  Please connect extend cable with 1.5m cable of probe in terminal box.

● Probe and magnet (or float) should be installed in dangerous zone, and separator and controller
  should be installed in non dangerous zone.


Dimension of Probe & Separator    
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