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Model IRD Series

Strain gauge conditioner module

This is a slave module for measuring load cell or pressure
transducer of IRD series. Possible to select 1 or 2
channels, and to connect with load cell or pressure
transducer of 120Ω-1kΩ.
Parameters can be changed through IRD master module
over host industrial network or the dedicated Windows
software (IRD Manager).

● IRDS-SA10 : one channel type
● IRDS-SA20 : two channels type
● The data is transferred to the industrial network through IRD
master module. (CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS)
● Possible to have analogue or digital output from other slave
modules in IRD system. (IRDS-AIO, AO4 and DO)
● Giving bridge voltage 2V or 5V to load cell and converting
voltage output from the load cell to digital data.
● Possible to preset through IRD master module or host industrial
● With scaling full voltage range (no matter which bridge voltage)
with 16bit, it is not necessary to make calculation for each unit
even the bridge voltages are different.
● In case of using 6-wires load cell with long cable, compensating
the bridge voltage o load cell and keep it stable by feedback
the given bridge voltage.
● Thanks to ratiometric measurement based on GND, no influence
from temp. variation and time variation.
● Possible to set upper and lower limit output.
● Self diagnosis function : internal IC error, cable error
● RoHS compliant

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