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Model GY Series

GYMRA Probe.
Flat head type, analogue output (detachable probe element)
GYMRA Probe.

GYMRA probe is the flat head type, analog output sensor
which put the thickness of the head part of a GYSE probe
in 48.5mm by the latest circuit design.
The output is voltage or current.
With the captive software (GPM), zero and gain adjustment
is possible at the user.
The sensor inside element flexible option is available and
also most suitable for the exchange when space is small.

 ・ Noise cancellation
 ・ GPM setting

( Created on Feb. 1. 2023 )


Non-linearity≦±0.025%FS Typ.
Temp. output≦±20ppmFS/°C
Voltage output0〜10V or 10〜0V (output current:Max.5mA, load:Min.2kΩ)
Current output4〜20mA or 20〜4mA (load:Max.500Ω)
Alarm outputOpen drain 50V 0.1A (for magnet missing)
Power supply+24(±2)VDC (60mA)
Sampling freg.Std. 1kHz (up to stroke 1300mm)
Max. Pressure35MPa (probe rod)
Operation temp.-20°C〜+75°C
Storage temp.-40°C〜+75°C
Vibration15G (20〜100Hz)
Shock100G (2msec)
IP gradeIP67

・The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective stroke of 300mm or more.
・The specification of stroke less than 300mm is equal that of stroke 300mm.

Model No.

① Effective stroke

② Head dead zone
  50: 50mm(Std.)
  □: □mm (option)(specified by customers)
  ・Possible Min. length depends on the selected magnet or float.

③ Tip dead zone
  □: 70mm/ 90mm/ 100mm (Std.)

tip DZmagnetfloat
7070mmM2PN, M0SM, M0LM,
M3, M11N, BA
F25N, F28N 
9090mmF28S, F30S
100100mmT144, T163F40S, F42S,
F50S, F54S

  □:□mm(option)(specified by customers)
   ・Possible Min. length depends on the selected magnet or float.

④ Thread/Rod diameter
  M :M24xP1.0, rod Φ10(Std.)
  N :M18xP1.5, rod Φ10
  U :3/4-16UNF-3A, rod Φ10
  M8 :M24xP1.0, rod Φ8
  N8 :M18xP1.5, rod Φ8
  U8 :3/4-16UNF-3A, rod Φ8
  M14 :M24xP1.0, rod Φ13.8
  Z :EF (flexible element) only (without outer housing)

⑤ Associated magnet or float

magnet float
M2PN :No.2PN(Std.)
M3 :No.3
M11N :No.11N
T144 :No.T14-M4
T163 :No.T16-M3
BA :No.2KYN-17-LG
F28S :Φ28 SS316L
F30S :Φ30 SS316L
F40S :Φ40 SS316(B)
F42S :Φ43 SS316
F50S :Φ50 SS316L
F54S :Φ54 SS304
F25N :RF-A10 plastic
F28N :RF-A6 plastic

   ・Selecting magnet from page and float.
   ・Please consult our factory in case of requesting special magnet or float.
   ・This model code means only specifying associated magnet or float.
   ・Ordering magnet or float individually.

⑥ Cable connection
  △G□F:pigtail / cable end : free
  △G□A:pigtail / cable end : with connector for relay
    (□:cable length(m)、Max.10m)(*)
    (△:cable type
       S:standard, H:high temp. cable, R:robot cable, UL : cUL cable)

   (*) In case of using extension cable
    Voltage output : sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 10m
    Current output : sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 100m
   ・Please confirm extension cable on page 120〜122.

⑦ Position output(OUT1)
  AD: 0〜10V(When magnet moves toward tip, output increase)
  AR: 10〜0V(When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease)
  BD: 4〜20mA(When magnet moves toward tip, output increase)
  BR: 20〜4mA(When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease)
  V Z/F: option (specified voltage)
        (for example V1/5 : 1〜5V, V9.5/0.5 : 9.5〜0.5V)
  I Z/F: option (specified current)
        (for example I5.2/20 : 5.2〜20mA, I18/5 : 18〜5mA)

 【Z=output at zero position, F=output at full position】

⑧ Option
  blank : without option
  SRT : SRT option
  H0 : probe rod 100°C
  EF : flexible element (rod Φ10 only)

 ・Please confirm the details of options on page 112〜114.
 ・GYMRA standard probe element is detachable though the rod
  parts is rigid. With EF option, as to accuracy or other specs,
  please consult our factory.


Probe Dimension Detachable probe element Cable 
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