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Linear Profile Series

GYKMR Probe.
High accuracy with external controller
GYKMR Probe.

GYKMR is replacement model of GYKM-RS which head part became
And it was added auto calibrationfunction.
By the function, a difference in the output when you change the probe
is adjusted automatically.

◆Associated controller
・Analogue output:GYHC(page 52, 53), GYFC2 / 3(page 54, 55)
・Digital output:GYDC-S1(page 56, 57), GYDC-05(page 58, 59)
IRDS-GY (page 61) : When using the IRDM, you can connect with
    CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.
DC-Q (page 60) : MELSEC-Q built-in unit

 When combined with an auto-calibration compatible controller.
  (GYHC, GYDC-S1, GYDC-05).
 Output deviation (error due to individual sensor differences) that
 occurs when replacing the sensor is automatically eliminated.
 You can improve compatibility when replacing the sensor.

( Created on Nov. 18. 2021 )


Non-linearity≦±0.025%FS Typ.
Resolution(Analogue) 16bit
(Digital) Min. 1μm
Temp. drift≦±20ppmFS / °C
Operating temp.0°C〜+65°C
Storage temp.-20°C〜+65°C
Vibration3G ( or 40Hz 2mmPP )
Shock10G ( 2msec )
IP gradeIP53, IP64, IP65

 ・The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective stroke of 300mm or more.
 ・The specification of stroke less than 300mm is equal that of stroke 300mm.
 ・Resolution depends on associated controller.

 ・Mounting brackets (fixing clamps) are supplied.
   stroke   < 600mm : 4 pcs (2 pcs)
        600-1000mm : 6 pcs (3 pcs)
       1001-1500mm : 8 pcs (4 pcs)
       1501-2000mm :10 pcs (5 pcs)

 ◆ Associated controller
  ・analogue output :GYHC (page 52, 53)
  ・digital output :GYDC-S1(page 56, 57), GYDC-05(page 58, 59)
  ・IRDS-GY(page 61) : When using the IRDM, you can connect with
    CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.
  ・DC-Q (page 60) : MELSEC-Q built-in unit

Model No.

① Effective stroke
  15mm〜2000mm (rod type, T, TW, U)
  15mm〜500mm (both end universal joint types)
  15mm〜2500mm (TS)

② Magnet
  R :rod Φ6(M5 thread)(Standard)[IP53]
  R2 :rod Φ6(M5 thread)[IP64]
  R88 :rod Φ8(M8 thread)[IP64]
  R85 :rod Φ8(M5 thread)[IP64]
  RW88 :Both end universal joint type (rod Φ8)
  U :Slide magnet [IP65]
  T :Floating magnet(gap 1mm)[IP65]
  TS :Floating magnet(gap 4mm)[IP65]
  TW :Floating magnet(gap 8mm)[IP65]
  U-FX65 :Slide magnet + rod Φ6 (M5 thread) with linkball joint [IP65]
  U-FX88 :Slide magnet + rod Φ8 (M8 thread) with linkball joint [IP65]

③ Cable connection
  △G□F :pigtail / cable end : free
  △G□A :pigtail / cable end : with connector for relay
    (□:cable length (m)、Max.10m)(*)
    (△:cable type
       S:standard, H:high temp. cable, R:robot cable, UL : cUL cable)

(*)In case of using extension cable, sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 200m
・Please consider extension cable on page 112.

④ Output
  00 :depends on external controller

⑤ Dead zone
  In case of an effective stroke 2001mm or more for floating magnet TS or TW,
   dead zone length for tip side is 80mm (standard length + 15mm).
  Model code of dead zone will be the actual length (mm).
    ・S/S : standard
    ・S/80 :2001mm〜 (TS, TW type)

⑥ Clamp
  K38 : with mounting brackets
  F50 : with fixing clamps
  N  : without mounting brackets and fixing clamps


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