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Model IRD Series

Digital amp module for proportional solenoid valve

This is a slave module for proportional solenoid valve amp
of IRD series.
It receives command signal from the host system through
the industrial network and outputs current to proportional
solenoid valve.

*Not possible to drive servo valve, proportional solenoid valve having LVDT
inside or integrated amplifier.

[ Function and Features ]
● Driving one proportional solenoid valve with 1800mA or 1000mA.
● Possible to set or change inside parameters through IRD master
 module over the industrial network or the dedicated Windows
 software (IRD Manger).
● Setting Max. and Min. current output values.
● Possible to drive with switch signal to the valve as well (switch :
 max. 16 points). For directional flow control valve, 16 points for
 one direction, total 32 points.
● Setting current output value (for ON and OFF) and each time
 constant. With emergency stop function.
● Monitoring output current value and I/O signal status.
● RoHS compliant

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