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Model GY Series

GYTB-SA Probe.
High accuracy continuous level meter
GYTB-SA Probe.

The GYTB-SA probe is a terminal block type level meter with a GYSE-A probe element built into the sensor.
The analog output has a high resolution of 16 bits.

It is also possible to use a multi-float system with two floats (output from each of the two floats) and to output the distance between two points.
The sensor element can be removed from the terminal block and replaced.
Zero/full scale point adjustment and output direction can be changed at the customer's site using optional equipment (with software) (Model: GPM).

 Noise cancellation function

・ Voltage and current can be output at the same time (OUT1, OUT2)
・ Distance between 2 points (OUT1 only)
・ Position output of each float (float 1 = OUT1, float 2 = OUT2)


Linearity±0.025% FS (Min.±50μm) Typ.
Resolution16bit (1/65536)
OutputVoltage output:0-10V
 (load :Min.2kΩ, output current : Max.5mA)
Current output:4-20mA
 (load : Max.500Ω)
Temp. drift±20ppm FS/°C
Power supplyDC24V (±2V) 80mA
Sampling freq.100Hz (for level meter)
Operating temp.-20 ~ +75°C
Storage temp.-40 ~ +80°C
Viblation6G (or 40Hz 2mmPP)
Shock20G (2ms)
Protection gradeIP65

Model No.

①Effective stroke[mm]: 50-7500mm

②Head dead zone
 S : 50mm ( standard )
 *: * mm ( option, specified by customers )

③Tip dead zone
 S: 70mm:F28N
 *: * mm ( option, specified by customers )

 B: R3/4( standard )
 F: flange or ferrule (Please specify the type and size of flange or ferrule.)

⑤Rod diameter
 Blank:Φ10( standard )
 14  : Φ13.8

⑥Associated float

⑦Position output(OUT1)
 AD: 0-10[V]
 BD: 4-20[mA]
 BR: 20-4[mA]
 CD□ or CR□: -□[V]-+□[V](bipolar

⑧Option : analogue output(OUT2)
 N: without option (standard)
  ・If you need option, select the symbol form ⑦.

⑨High temperature option (rod parts only)
 Blank: 80°C(Std.)
 H0  :100°C


Dimension Terminal box  
Zoom Zoom

-Material: Probe head: Aluminum alloy (AC2A), Probe rod: SUS316
-Power supply is connected to [24V] and [0V] on the lower terminal block.
-Outputs are connected to [OUT1] and [COM1] on the upper terminal block.
-Alarm output is output to [ALM] and [COM3] on the upper terminal block.
-Option output is output to [OUT2] and [COM2] on the lower terminal block.
-COM1, COM2 and COM3 are connected internally.
-The shielded braid wire is connected to the screw on the board (one of five places), and the other end is grounded.
(If grounding has an effect on noise, leave it unconnected.)

*Cable is not included.
Use a batch shielded wire of 5 or more cores (cable outer diameter: Φ5 to Φ8.8, wire size: 0.2 sq. or more).
 The standard cable length is 10 m for voltage output and 100 m for current output

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