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Model IRD Series

IRD Series
IRD Series

IRD series are the products that correspond to a so-called remote I/O.
It provides interfaces with various sensors and actuators by combining
slave modules to a single master module.
IRD system is composed of one master module and one or several
slave modules.
The terminal resister is connected to the right end module.
In IRD system, keeping functions of slave modules, you can connect to
any PLC only by changing type of master modules.


Master moduleIRDM-NB : No field-bus communications
IRDM-CCL : CC-Link Ver.2
IRDM-EP1 : Ethernet/IP
Slave module
Magneto-strictive linear sensor conditioner
IRDS-GY10-Gn : Magneto-strictive linear sensor conditioner, single sensor
IRDS-GY20-Gn : Magneto-strictive linear sensor conditioner, dual sensors
Slave module Strain gauge conditionerIRDS-SA10 : Load-cell, pressure transducer conditioner, single sensor
IRDS-SA20 : Load-cell, pressure transducer conditioner, dual sensors
Slave module VR resolver conditionerIRDS-VR10-S : VR resolver single-turn conditioner, single sensor
IRDS-VR20-S : VR resolver single-turn conditioner, dual sensors
IRDS-VR10-M : VR resolver multi-turn conditioner, single sensor
IRDS-VR20-M : VR resolver multi-turn conditioner, dua
Slave module Analog input/outputIRDS-AIO-11 : 2axis voltage input/2axis voltage output
IRDS-AIO-12 : 2axis voltage input/2axis current output
IRDS-AIO-21 : 2axis current input/2axis voltage output
IRDS-AIO-22 : 2axis current input/2axis current output
Slave module Digital outputIRDS-DO-N : 24points sink output(parallel or switch function)
IRDS-DO-P : 24points source output(parallel or switch function)
Slave module Servo controllerIRDS-SV11-Gn : GY-sensor feedback/voltage input/voltage output
IRDS-SV12-Gn : GY-sensor feedback/voltage input/current output
IRDS-SV21-Gn : GY-sensor feedback/current input/voltage output
IRDS-SV22-Gn : GY-sensor feedback/current input/current o
Slave module Electromagnetic proportional valve driverIRDS-VA-24S : Valve 24V power supply type(1axis)
IRDS-VA-48S : Valve 48V power supply type(1axis)
IRDS-VA-12S : Valve 12V power supply type(1axis)
Slave module Wave function generatorIRDS-WG : Wave function generator(4axes)
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