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Heavy Duty Type

GYRHP-MR6 Probe.
Pressure resistance rod : 70MPa, heavy duty type
(with external controller)
GYRHP-MR6 Probe.

GYRHP-MR6, which is different from conventional GY series, achieved
pressure-resistant 70MPa (rod) by redesign in head and rod part.
Standard of protection grade is IP67, but you can select water-proof type
(IP68) or cable conduit type (IP69K) by option.
Between probe and controller, RS-422 differential line driver
transmission, providing robustness against electrical noise, is used.
In combination with a digital output controller, Min. 1μm resolution is
And by auto calibration function, difference in the output when you
exchange the probe is adjusted automatically.

◆Associated controller
・Analogue output:GYHC(page 52, 53), GYFC2 / 3(page 54, 55)
・Digital output:GYDC-S1(page 56, 57), GYDC-05(page 58, 59)
IRDS-GY (page 61) : When using the IRDM, you can connect with
    CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.
DC-Q (page 60) : MELSEC-Q built-in unit

 When combined with an auto-calibration compatible controller.
  (GYHC, GYDC-S1, GYDC-05).
 Output deviation (error due to individual sensor differences) that
 occurs when replacing the sensor is automatically eliminated.
 You can improve compatibility when replacing the sensor.

( Created on Nov. 19. 2021 )


Non-linearity≦±0.025%FS (Typ.)
Resolution(Analogue) 16bit
(Digital) Min. 1μm
Temp. drift≦±20ppmFS / °C
Max. Pressure70MPa ( probe rod )
Operating temp.-20°C〜+80°C
Storage temp.-40°C〜+80°C
Vibration15G ( 10〜2000Hz )
Shock100G ( 2msec ) / 800G ( SRT option )
IP gradeIP67(Std.), IP68 / IP69K (option)

 ・The specification of stroke less than 300mm is equal that of stroke 300mm.
  The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective stroke of 300mm or more.

 ◆ Associated controller
  ・analogue output :GYHC (page 52, 53)
  ・digital output :GYDC-S1(page 56, 57), GYDC-05(page 58, 59)
  ・IRDS-GY(page 61) : When using the IRDM, you can connect with
      CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.
  ・DC-Q (page 60) : MELSEC-Q built-in unit

Model No.

① Effective stroke

② Head dead zone
  S :50mm(Std.)
  □ :□mm(specified by customers)

  ・Possible Min. length depends on the selected ma

④ Mount / Rod diameter
  F12 :pressure-resistant flange, rod Φ12 (Std.)

③Tip dead zone
  S :70mm(in case ⑤ is BA)
   100mm(in case ⑤ is T163)
  □ :□mm(specified by customers)

⑤ Associated magnet
  BA :No.2KYN-17-LG(STD)
  T163 :No.T16-M3

  ・Please consult if you select a magnet of other than above.
  ・This Model code means only specifying associated magnet, please order separately.

⑥ Cable connection
  ○△G□◇F :pigtail / cable end : free (STD)
  ○△G□◇A :pigtail / cable end : with connector for relay
  WP3G□◇F :pigtail of water proof cable / cable end : free
  WP3G□◇A :pigtail pf water proof cable / cable end : with connector for relay

   ○:pigtail type (S : standard, C : cable conduit)
   △:cable type (S : standard, H : high temp. cable, R : robot cable, UL : cUL cable)
   □:cable length (m) Max.10m(*)
   ◇:head shape type (L : radial, S : axial)

  (* )In case of using extension cable, sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 200m

⑦ Position output
  00:depends on external controller

⑧ Option
  blank :without option
  SRT :SRT option (800G)

① Probe

② Cable type
  S : Standard cable
  H : High temp. cable
  R : Robot cable
  W : Water proof cable

③ Cable length (m)

④ Cable end (sensor side)
  F : free
  S : with straight connector

⑤ Cable end (controller side)
  F : free
  A : with connector for relay


Dimensions (Radial) Dimensions (Axizl) Cable 
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