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GYcAT4 Probe.
Analogue output
( replacement model for GYLT, GYLS )
GYcAT4 Probe.

Replacement model for GYLS (0〜10V) or GYLT (4〜20mA).
The linearity is changed to 0.05%FS from 0.025%FS, so please be
GYcAT4 doesn't have alarm output.
Please consider GYcAT (page 16-17) in a new inquiry.
By the option, it is available with the High speed sampling, and
High temperature (rod parts only).

 ・ CE marking
 ・ Noise cancellation

( Created on Nov. 10. 2021 )


Non-linearity≦±0.05%FS Typ.
Temp. drift≦±40ppmFS / °C
Voltage output0〜10V or 10〜0V
( output current :Max.5mA, load :Min.2kΩ )
Current output4〜20mA or 20〜4mA
( load : Max.500Ω )
Alarm outputnot available
Power supply+24(±2)VDC ( 100mA )
Sampling freq.Std. 1kHz ( total rod length : up to 1250mm )
Max. Pressure35MPa ( probe rod )
Operating temp.-20°C〜+80°C
Storage temp.-40°C〜+80°C
Vibration6G ( or 40Hz 2mmPP
Shock50G ( 2mse )
IP gradeIP67 (10KPa, 30min )

・The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective
 stroke of 300mm or more.
・The specification of stroke less than 300mm is equal that of stroke 300mm.

(*) Sampling freq. is available to Max. 8kHz by option.
It depends on the total rod length (shows in Model ⑧),
and the consumption current increases.

Model No.

① Effective stroke

② Head dead zone
  S :50mm (Std.)
  □ :□mm ( option ) ( specified by customers )

・Possible Min. length depends on the selected magnet or float.

③ Tip dead zone
  S:70mm/90mm/100mm (Std.)
・S (Std. length) depends on the selected magnet or float in ⑤.

tip DZmagnetfloat
70mmM2P, M2PN, M0
M0SM, M11, M3
F25N, F28N  
90mmF28S, F30S
100mmT142(144), T162(163)F40S, F42S, F50S, F54S

□ :□mm ( option ) ( specified by customers )
・Possible Min. length depends on the selected magnet or float.

④ Thread / Rod diameter
  M :M24xP1.0, rod Φ10 (Std.)
  N :M18xP1.5, rod Φ10
  U :3/4-16UNF-3A, rod Φ10
  M8 :M24xP1.0, rod Φ8
  N8 :M18xP1.5, rod Φ8
  U8 :3/4-16UNF-3A, rod Φ8
  M14:M24xP1.0, rod Φ13.8

⑤ Associated magnet or float

M2P :No.2P (Std.)
M2PN : No.2PN
MG0 :No.Φ
M3 :No.3
M11 :No.11
M11N :No.11N
T142 :No.T14-M2
T144 : No.T14-M4
T162 :No.T16-M2
T163 : No.16-M3
F28S :Φ28 SS316L
F30S :Φ30 SS316L
F40S :Φ40 SS316(B)
F42S :Φ43 SS316L
F50S :Φ50 SS316L
F54S :Φ54 SS304
F25N :RF-A10 plastic
F28N :RF-A6 plastic

・Please consult if you select a magnet or a float of other than above.
・This Model code means only specifying associated magnet or float.
・When you need a magnet or float, please order separately.

⑥ Cable connection
  CN :connector
  G□F :pigtail / cable end : free
  G□A :pigtail / cable end : with connector for relay
    ( □ :cable length (m), Max.10m )(*)

(*) In case of using extension cable
Voltage output : sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 10m
Current output : sensor cable (m) + extension cable (m) ≦ 100m
・Please consider extension cable on page 113.
・In case that you need loose mating connector, ordering connector
(straight or L-shaped) separately is necessary.

⑦ Position output
  AD :0〜10V ( When magnet moves toward tip, output increase )
  AR :10〜0V ( When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease )
  BD :4〜20mA ( When magnet moves toward tip, output increase )
  BR :20〜4mA ( When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease )
  CD□□ :bipolar output (-□V〜+□V)
        (for example CD10 :-10V〜+10V )
  CR□□:bipolar output (+□V〜-□V)
        (for example CR05 :+5V〜-5V )

⑧ Option
  blank :without option
  H0 :probe rod 100°C
  X2 :2kHz sampling ( total rod length : Max.750mm )
  X4 :4kHz sampling ( total rod length : Max.450mm )
  X8 :8kHz sampling ( total rod length : Max.300mm )
  ・Please confirm the details of H0 option on page 106.


Probe Connector & Pigtail Cable 
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・Material probe head :Al diecast, probe rod:SS304
・Magnet : Select one from group GG on page 110 ( in case of a new inquiry, select one from group B )
・The tip dead zone length depends on the selected magnet or float.
・Connector :Omron XS2C-D4S1 ( straight type ) or D4S2 ( L type ) ( Material :PBT plastic )
・Suitable cable diameter :Φ5〜Φ6, Wire size:0.18〜0.75mm2
・cable length :Max.10m ( 0〜10V output ), Max.100m ( 4〜20mA output )

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