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Model IRD Series

Servo controller module

This is a slave module for the servo controller (Simple
Adaptive Control) for hydraulic or pneumatic of IRD series.
High accuracy position or load control for hydraulic or
pneumatic cylinder can be built up easily.

[Functions and Features]

● The data is transferred to the industrial network through IRD
 master module. (CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS)
● Adopting Simple Adaptive Control (SAC) theory among other
 modern control theories, achieved robust control compensating
 automatically parameter change and time-variant influence
 in the plant.
● Servo calculation is 5kHz(Standard) or 20kHz(Option) with inside
 DSP and it is independent of cycle time of host system.
● As having analogue input ports for feedback and command, it is
 possible to replace with existing analogue servo system.
● Automatic transfer function : capable of acquiring feedback
 signal of various sensor from other IRDS slave module directly.
● Capable of switching position control and load control in
 operation by using 2 pcs of IRDS-SC.
● Alarm : upper and lower limit of sensor, alarm of servo deviation
 and oscillation
● Self diagnosis function : internal IC error, cable error, sensor
 data error.
● RoHS compliant

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