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Option-4:SRT/ -6:Dead-zone/ -7:Material/ -8:Accessories
Option-4:SRT/ -6:Dead-zone/ -7:Material/ -8:Accessories

Option-4 : SRT (Shock Resistant Technology)
 ・SRT is the designation for Shock Resistant Technology, proof against 800G shock.
 ・SRT offers signal stability under 800G shock.
   (The life of sensor can not be guaranteed under continuous usage of 800G circumstances)
 ・SRT option is available for probes of GYMR6, GYcRP, GYMRA, GYcAT, GYSE, and GYRHP.

Option-6 : Dead zone length 
 ・Shorter or longer than standard dead zones available.

Option-7 : Material
 ・Stainless steel 316, 316L, Titanium, PVC or Teflon coated rod other than standard SS304 available.

Option-8 : Accessories
 ・Sensor mounting nut, daistat (seal washer) (Mitsubishi) or O-ring etc available.
 ・Display unit is available. (page 63)


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