Trade Division

Santest is an exporter of industrial equipment parts of Japanese origin, such as rubber transmission belts, ball bearings, generators, oil seals and so on. We have 50 years experience in the export and import business.
We introduce excellent industrial equipment parts with high quality of Japan to all over the world. Our experienced sales staff will gladly provide you with technical assistance and solutions to your problem.

Handling List

  • MITSUBOSHI brand Belts and Belt Accessories
  • Robin Engine
  • Ball,Roller and Thrust Bearings
  • Chain Block,Lever Hoist,Winch etc.
  • Bolt,Nut and Screw
  • Air Compressor, Spray Gun,Engine,Pump,Generator
  • Auto Parts including Piston and Piston Ring
  • Textile Parts
  • Hydraulic System Components(Solenoid Valve,Vane Pump,Cylinder etc.)
  • Steel,Stainless,Brass manufacture(Sheet,Pipe,Mesh,Wire Rope,Strip,Wire Netting etc.)
  • Transducer(Linear sensor,Level detecting sensor)
and other machine components

Head Office: 2-51, Shimaya 4-Chome,Konohanaku, Osaka 554-8691
TEL:+81-6-6465-5561 / FAX:+81-6-6465-5921


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