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Model GY Series

GYKM Probe / GYMNC Controller.
Linear Profile Version
/ The maximum effective stroke is 1200mm.
GYKM Probe / GYMNC Controller.

The GYKM is a discontinued product, but please contact us for spare parts
or repeats.
For new projects, we recommend "GYKMR".

The profile measuring Φ25mm×height 22.5mm renders you a free
mechanical design in adopting our "GY" series.
Applications have been widened by mounting GYKM series to
cylinders, machines, equipment and it gives infinite life time due to
magnetostrictive non-contact sensor, well replacing conventional
GYKM probe can also be used in combination with GYHC or GYDC-05
controller, which provides velocity output or digital output.


Non-linearity≦±0.05%FS TYP
Temp. drift≦±50ppmFS/°C(probe)
Voltage output0-10V or 10-0V
(output current:Max.5mA, load:Min.2kΩ)
Current output4-20mA or 20-4mA
Alarm outputnot available
Power supply+24(±2)VDC (100mA)
Sampling freq.Std 1kHz(up to stroke 1000mm)
Operating temp.0°C-+65°C(probe)
Storage temp.-20°C-+65°C
Vibration3G(or 40Hz 2mmPP)
IP gradeIP63-IP65(probe)
Std 1.5m(Option Max.100m)

・The above mentioned accuracy applies to sensors with an effective stroke of 300mm or more.
・Zero/Gain adjustment by trimmer of controller are possible,std within ±3%FS.

Model No.

①Effective stroke

  R:rod Φ6(M5 thread)(Standard)
  R2:rod Φ6(M5 thread)
  R88:rod Φ8(M8 thread)
  R85:rod Φ8(M5 thread)
  RW88:Both end Universal Joint Type(rod Φ8)
  U:Slide magnet
  T:Floating magnet(gap 1mm)
  TS:Floating magnet(gap 4mm)
  TW:Floating magnet(gap 8mm)
  U-FX65:Slide magnet
        +flexible rod Φ6(M5 thread)
  U2-FX88:Slide magnet
        +flexible rod Φ8(M8 thread)

③Position output
  AD:0-10V(When magnet moves toward tip, output increase)
  AR:10-0V(When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease)
  BD:4-20mA(When magnet moves toward tip, output increase)
  BR:20-4mA(When magnet moves toward tip, output decrease)
  CD□□:bipolar output(-□V-+□V)
        (for example CD10:-10V-+10V)
  CR□□:bipolar output(+□V--□V)
        (for example CR05:+5V--5V)


Dimensions Dimensions Option Option
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Main body material of GYKM series is Al Shapes.
Fixing clamps are supplied.
stroke < 600mm:4 pcs
stroke 600-1000mm:6 pcs
stroke 1001-1200mm:8 pcs
Connector:Omron XS2C-D4S1 (straight type) or D4S2 (L type) (Material:PBT plastic)

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